Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Funny Sleep

Aee is fighting off the onslaught of germs she encountered when she went back into the public school system. Last week, it was one thing; this week it is a "scritchy throat" and a "bletchy tummy".

She heals like her pappa does, so this afternoon she fell asleep on the couch. We were snuggled up side-by-side and before I knew it, her breath was deep and slow. Her temp started climbing, her brow beaded with sweat and every time I tried to cool her off, she just grabbed the covers up around herself again.

A few times, I tried to move her, but she wanted to stay on the couch where Jee was playing his Wii games loudly, where Vee and Kee were doing their homework. Kee sat on her a few times because he didn't notice that the lump of blankets had some hair sticking out from it.

Then later, I had to go pick up Eee from work. (His car is in the shop. Again. It hates us.) I was gone for 19 min, the exact length of time it took the Hamburger Helper to cook. When I walked in the door, I saw my little Aee had slipped off the couch, but caught herself on her knees and was still asleep.

So, my daughter was sweaty, sick, without a mother, fell off the couch and no one noticed that she was now sleeping while upright. I had Eee grab her and get her set up in my arms. (I have a slipped disk in my back so I couldn't very well pick her up myself.) I snuggled in with her and started feeling that nagging little momma guilt that my sweet little one was so ill-cared for that no one noticed the sweaty sleeping child who had fallen off the couch. And then I saw the brighter side, "Any child who can sleep on her knees at 5, is bound to be a great prayer-sayer."

I love that image of a 5 yo asleep while kneeling.