Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Jee and I walked to the library for our Monday library trip and as we left the front porch, I got a phone call, a long phone call. As we walked, I talked and Jake was his wonderful, patient self walking alongside me, noticing the world and walking in his jagged little "Ooo, what's that?" walk.

When I ended the phone call about nine blocks later, I heard him saying, "91, 92, 93..." I asked what he was doing.

"Counting litter. There are so many people who just let litter leave their hands. They shouldn't drop it. 94. They should keep it... 95... in their hands until... 96... they get to a garbage can..."

His little pro-cleanliness talk rambled on for the last four blocks to the library. What an awesome little guy. He loves seeing the world take shape through numbers and other graspable concepts.