Friday, October 24, 2008


I love language. My kids love playing with words.

Yesterday we were strolling to school lazily under the orange leafy trees. We happened to get ready for school on time and had the luxury of "taking it slow". We were talking about how people make mistakes & how we learn from mistakes:

Jee: "Mom, just un-re-do it!"


Jee: "You know, it's that phrase 'just do it' but better."

"Tell me more."

Jee: "Well, with 'just do it' they are forgetting that people make mistakes. Some people 'just do it' then redo it and redo it and redo it (said too many times to repeat) ...until they get it right."


Jee: "What if you took your time, thought really hard, and did it right the first time? Then it would be 'just un-re-do it!' That means, don't redo it, just do it right the first time. Hahahaha."

We spent the rest of the walk with Jee & Aee playing with prefixes and suffixes, the current love of both their lives.

Today I am trying to un-re-do it, trying to get it right from the start. Wish me luck.