Monday, October 1, 2007

One of my last "firsts"

When I picked Aee up from the bus stop today, she was chilly. The shaking of the bus acts as a sort of primal momma-bouncing-her-baby sensory input and Aee's eyes started to droop and her body temp dropped fast. So, she swaggered off the bus, felt the cold rush of 65 degree air and shivered. She asked for a coat, but I didn't have one for her.

I can't carry her because of that blasted slipped disk in my back.

So, we stop and snuggle on a bench for a minute and I realize -- ka-ching! -- she can take my jacket! She finally has broad enough shoulders and a tall enough torso to handle my jacket. She slips it on; I zip it up; she's ready to go! She takes off running with her arms swinging the excess arm length wildly back & forth. The jacket comes down to her knees, but it doesn't fall off her shoulders.

And I realize this is the first time of hopefully many that my daughter will wear my clothes.