Monday, October 15, 2007

Transparent replies

Remember "Harold and the Purple Crayon"? The book about the little boy who could draw his entire world with a single, simple magical writing utensil?

I had the privilege of reading this book to Aee's peer group today, a group of seven girls in her Kindergarten class. At one point in the story (my favorite part actually) Harold draws a dragon which is too scary even for him. Harold backs up with his hand shaking and the wavy line is, you guessed it, water. Harold falls into the ocean.

For whatever reason, this scene elicited the "What would you draw if you had a purple crayon" discussion and I was delighted at their honest and transparent responses.

Girl 1: "I would draw a princess!" (She is on the forefront, ie the one most likely to say her dress is the latest design. Interesting.)

Girl 2: "I would draw a princess!" (Girl 2 loves and adores Girl 1.)

Me: (I can't help myself.) "Why would you draw a princess? What for?"

Girls 1 & 2 shrug. Blanks looks.

Girl 3: "I would draw a fairy." (a shy little girl, very delicate)

Girl 4: "I would draw a DRAGON. (she stands up while saying this) It would breath fire on your fairy and k..." (She doesn't actually say it. I laugh. She has older brothers, yes she does.)

Girl 5: "I would draw a plane." (Her home is on the other side of the world. She is completely unaware of her transparency.)

Girl 6, my little Aee, whispered so that only me and the Dragon Girl can hear: "I would draw -- the -- world ---." I can tell by the whisp in her voice that she is serious. She is planning out how she would build a world of her own.

Girl 7 who always comes to school hungry: "I would draw an apple pie."

Ha. Kids are so funny.