Saturday, May 31, 2008

Care for my own

We have been debated (heartily) over whether or not to hire a housekeeper. We would dearly love to, but we're at the tipping point between:

* whether it's good for the kids to learn basic household upkeep tasks (and there's a lot to learn & learning it well requires years of repetition)

* whether it's distracting us from more important tasks.

The current line of thought is this: A housekeeper is approx $500/mo. A ticket for a cruise is about $1,000. Two months of doing our own housework buys one ticket. A year's worth of doing our own housework buys us six tickets, enough for the whole family. It is a highly motivated thought for the kids (and for me!) so for now we're doing our own chores.

I'll blog about the How later on today... Stay tuned.