Thursday, March 15, 2007

Books for Girls, preschool to early elementary age

The Princess fell down the front steps this morning, scraped foot, snuggles in momma's arms while running from one place the next over the next few hours. Within a few minutes of the fall I had written a short story about it, told it to her and later, during lunch, typed it up. Now, if I have time, I'll send it off to one of these sweet little Berkeley publishers. Wish me luck. I have been searching, begging, pleading, trying to find good stories for little girls. There aren't many.

"The Paperbag Princess" = wonderful, but it only shows a rejection of a certain path, not an acceptance of something wonderful.

"Princesses Can Wear Hiking Boots" or whatever it is called = horrendously bad. As if a girl had to ask about what shoes are ok to wear in the first place.

Millicent the Magnificent" = possibly my favorite book for girls, but it only presents a girl's ability to try out new things, not her ability to solve problems, make change, etc.

All the current bestsellers are atrocious -- Olivia the Pig, Angelina Ballerina (not too bad, but not hot either),