Saturday, November 24, 2007


Do you talk in your sleep? If so, what type of thoughts go into your unconscious mutterings?

Every night as I tuck Jee in, I tell him a story about the mystical Knight, his dragon, Dragonini, and the Puffles (little fuzzy creatures). For whatever reason, tonight Jee requested:

"Please don't let there be anything scary in it. No attacks, no scary things. Can they just solve a problem tonight?"

I reassure him, snuggle in and tell him a wonderfully sweet story.

One problem -- I am exceptionally tired and begin to doze off.

But my mouth can still work while I'm asleep / nearly asleep.

From what I understand, I tell some wicked good stories in that state of semi-consciousness.

In this particular situation, I was awakened by Jee: "No! Mom, stop! You said nothing scary would happen. The dragon is invincible, right?"

Of course, in his little world the dragon is still invincible and his momma will always be there to protect him from harm. I ask him what happened in the story since ___ (the part I last remember consciously telling him). Wowza. He is fairly good at retelling and he wove quite a story of power, deception and guilt. (I had just finished "The Kiterunner" whose main theme is guilt.) As Jee retold the story, I felt very much like I was on the therapist's couch and my little son was telling me exactly what I was worried about and why.

Of course, it was all cloaked in dragons, knights, and puffles, but still, it was transparent.

What an interesting little phenomenon.