Friday, November 2, 2007

The White Towel

Our eldest walks into the living room where we are all sitting, working on our various projects, and with a white towel in hand asks, "Hey Dad, can you get the files off this? I need to give it back to Jaimy tomorrow."

All of us just sit there stunned. Did he just ask us to download the files off a white towel?

Dad: "Uh....."

Kee: "Yeah, right."

Me: with my mind racing for what I have read lately about various smart substances in bendable form, "Vee, what are you talking about?"

We're all searching for a cable sticking out or a wireless sensor on it when Vee laughs, pulls out a hard drive and says, "Sorry, can you get the files off the hard drive. The towel was just so that I could get it home safely."

You know, when I was a kid, I would write notes to my friends and swapped those. When Eee was a kid, he would occasionally bring a floppy disk to school. Vee & Kee? They use flash drives and, for bigger tasks carry around 160G hard drives.

Maybe for Jee and Aee it really will be a flexible substance that can carry the data, but for now, it was just a hard drive in a towel. Ha.

The part of this that gives me whiplash is that their educational environments (all of them) are anti-tech. What does that communicate to a kid? I am beginning to see how the original hacker community was born.