Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bonding when you shouldn't

Jee has fallen in love with skateboarding. He's always on a board or a scooter or a bike or anything with wheels.

A friend told me about the X-games in LA and I should check it out.

I googled the #1 more watched video and called Jee into the room, “Com'ere, com'ere, see this skateboarder at the X-games. This is what the X-games are like. You get to watch the skateboarders do their tricks...”

Jee snuggled into my lap in front of the computer to watch. I could tell that he was really bonding with the skateboarder Jake Brown.

“Look. You could be this good someday. These guys are really physically fit and they work really hard to do what they do. Now watch... OH WOW... Oh...”

You have to see the video to really understand it.

Let's just say I learned that I should always preview the clip before I show it to my children, especially if it is something important that they might relate to personally.