Friday, August 29, 2008

Dead Cats and Shaved Eyebrows

Yes, our cat died.

No, this won't be the eulogy for the cat.

The kids are setting up a separate web page for that.

But I will share that I got *excellent* advice from friends on how to break the news to the kids and on how to assist in the grieving process.

This is the best bit of advice by far, titled, "Why did Egyptians shave off their eyebrows?"

"Shaving off the eyebrows was a sign of mourning. An entire family would do so if their pet cat died. Remember, the cat was a sacred animal to the Egyptians. the cat represented Bast (Bastet), and the family would remain in mourning until their eyebrows grew back."

And now y'all are going to be anxious to see us, trying to catch a glimpse, "Do they still have eybrows? Do they? Do they?"