Thursday, April 16, 2009

Follow the clues...

I have been gone for the last few days on a trip to Asia and back. Everything went smoothly and I was so happy to be home! But when I walked in the door I smelled something odd.

It was a food-type smell, but didn't smell like anything my kids normally cook. It also smelled a bit, oh, how shall I say it?


So, I snooped around a bit while unpacking, cleaning, and playing with the kids.

Apparently, the kids had gone to an Easter Egg hunt while I was gone and the organizers had distributed *real eggs* for treats.

Me thinks the organizers might not have children of their own.

This is not something you distribute to children.

Children hide their presents, tucking them away in super secret spots because it's fun to hide special things in super secret spots.

I think I have collected all the spoiling eggs and thrown away the containers and linens they were tucked away in for several days.

The eggs were dyed so beautifully and were turning even more beautiful colors as they sat in their various containers squashed with egg guts oozing, squishing, smooshing out of their shells.

It was so funny. We all had a good giggle over it.