Thursday, June 11, 2009


Three words to sum up that last three months:

Massive decision overload.

So, it is with gratitude and solemnity that I announce one decision. Just one. That's enough for now.

For the summer, me and the two little ones will be traveling the coast of New Zealand in this funmobile.

The route is mostly along the coastline, but that's sortof how NZ is shaped anyway.

We will be stopping by the WWOF farms helping care for creatures like this.

We hope to see at least one good storm. (That one is a must-see.)

The purpose?

1. Jee has been learning about penguins this year in his super-awesome-teacher's class. His teacher did such an amazing job of exploring penguins that Jee says, "I want to see them in their natural habitat. I must. Please, can we go now?"

2. The two little 'uns need to learn to rely on each other and there's nothing like a good, long camping trip to figure these sorts of things out.

3. It costs more to stay in the bay area. Traveling around NZ is actually a cost-cutting alternative, yet it carries a huge educational benefit.

4. I need some Eat, Pray, Love time. It'll be more like Write, Snuggle, Think time, but whatever.

My favorite upcoming moment will be all three of us sitting in the back of the RV knitting with some truly awesome New Zealand yarns while listening to the pitter patter of that awesome NZ rain.