Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I'm starting to feel unloved.

A few too many, "Haven't you left yet?" and "When are you leaving?"

Sorry, but you are going to have to put up with me for a few more weeks.

I have a few work obligations to wrap up first.

I need to get good hiking boots for Jee and Aee.

I need to get Jee a few more warm sweaters.

Other than those three things, we're ready to go.

I've been known to pack for long trips in under an hour, so let's hope this one will go as smoothly.

We are so enraptured by the thought of flying off into the blue yonder. When Jee talks about the penguins and the landscape I can see his heart thrilling to the adventure.

We read the Tolkien Bestiary tonight. Well, we didn't read it; we looked at all the pictures.

Jee is starting to see that there is a fine line between imagination and reality. He asked questions like, "Did Tolkien just imagine those things or did he dream them?" To which I answered, "Is there a difference? Don't those ideas come from the same source?" He seemed to have some lingering notion that dreams are shared experiences, influenced by others more than our imaginings. Hum. He said he wants to pay attention to his dreams because they will "help me weave stories better."

Let's hope New Zealand sparks some wonderful things in this budding eight-year old writer.

To ground this in reality: Today, when Jee was having his writing time, he "ran out of ideas to write on the paper", so he started writing on his cheek. For the entire day, as we went around town on errands, he had a chunk of text on his cheek. People were trying to read it.

To one guy I almost said (but didn't), "Please stop reading my son."

I had Jee take a good, long shower tonight. The words are now a marbleized brown and blue swirl on his cheek. It appears that his cheek is bruised horribly.


No, I haven't left yet.