Monday, June 29, 2009


Over the last three days I have worked so hard... Friday was a 16 hr non-stop workday. I got a few hours at the beginning and at the end to do other work, but wow, 16 hrs is brutal. My husband can do it (and more), but I am not accustomed to it.

So, when today, Sunday, rolled around I did something completely uncharacteristic.

I relaxed.

Like I'm supposed to on Sundays.

It felt *great*! I got sweet relaxing time with my kids and kitties and it was guilt-free! I was not supposed to be doing anything else! (like cleaning, working, or managing)

The kids really noticed it. Big Vee kept saying, "Mom, what's wrong? Are you OK?" I reassured him that I was perfectly fine, better than fine. I was tired and ready to take full advantage of the awesomeness that is Sunday.

I hope you had a great one too. =)