Sunday, July 5, 2009

Are we there yet?

To answer many questions at once:

Q - Why haven't you left yet?

A - Because my husband has been out of town the last two weeks. It was unexpected and unwelcome, but it all worked out for the best.

Q - Are you still going?

A - Yes! I loaded "The Hobbit" onto my son's iPod and we'll be listening to it as we travel up and down the wintery NZ coast. Could anything be more delicious? We love audiobooks and this one has particularly good voice talent.

Q - What day are you leaving?

A - Tomorrow, next week, I don't know. I like doing the last minute tickets on various sites. I have Scottish blood in me veins and I enjoy getting a really good price on the tix. The bags are mostly packed and the next day tix are often the best deals.

Q - Who are you taking?

A - Just the wee ones. The big ones will stay home to work and enjoy their summer. I consider myself quite lucky to have this flexibility.

Q - So, this is just a vacation?

A - (Visible bristling) Actually, it is a working vacation.

Q - Define "work"?

A - It depends. I'm working on parenting healthy kids who know that the world is theirs to navigate. I'm working on writing a few kids books with strong female leads - the Maori culture in NZ infused some ticklishly fun names of streets and locations. I think just being there will be enough inspiration to finally get me to explore this genre (children's fiction) better. I am also working on official company business, but that will only be a minor part of it.

I am not a patient type and the last few weeks have been excruiatingly long. Sigh. It will make it all the more enjoyable.