Thursday, July 16, 2009

The evolution of what-we-want

See if you can follow this train of logic:

I hurt my foot --> foot in soft cast for a week

Soft cast --> go to Disneyland (wheelchair = front of line)

Announce Disneyland --> kids happy bouncy --> bags packed by Sunday afternoon

Sunday night I view Consuming Kids with friends --> I no longer want to take my kids to Disneyland

I remember my own experience with Disneyland, "Why do people put on big costumes in this heat?" --> I look for an alternative

Since I haven't won any bid on Priceline in ages, I take a Hail Mary bid on a very expensive, very nice hotel in Monterey Bay --> the bid goes through --> I say, "Eep!"

I pack up the kids and head off to Monterey for the week, thoroughly enjoying the trip and all the side-trips. I had no idea Monterey had so much to offer.

We came back tanned, relaxed, and most of all, with a stronger sibling bond.

We also came back only three minutes before Vee and Eee needed the car. (We are a one car family.) Cutting it close, for sure.

My favorite comment from Aee as she swam in the big circular pool at the hotel, face up to the sky, "I'm so glad I'm feeling the sun instead of in a shop collecting things. I love you Mom."