Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Counting pennies

I was cleaning up the kitchen tonight, realizing that my breakfast cost only 27 cents, my lunch only 75 cents and dinner for the entire family was only 3.50 (about 60 cents per person). Yes, I like to calculate out the percentages used, and yes, I do remember with surprising accuracy the cost of each item in my cupboards.

Breakfast = Indian lentils over sticky rice (amazingly yummy, especially for breakfast)
Lunch = a monster salad, my favorite kind
Dinner = (note that my teenagers made dinner since I was out) Hamburger Helper and rolls

For about 10 seconds I felt like pretty hot stuff, one careful cooker extraordinaire and then I realized *why* the food budget has been going well. Could it be because we just had to unload about $6k on new dual pane windows? Or because we dropped $1k on a new fridge for the rental unit? Or maybe because we have a looming big expense, probably about $30k for a new vehicle for my beloved.

Those lentil beans had better be good for the long haul.

Seriously, this might be the best diet plan ever.