Saturday, March 1, 2008

Paralleling the cyclist

On our way home from a party tonight, we had everybody in the car, plus two bikes and loads of gear. We had the windows wide open to the brisk evening air and the radio playing great dance music. We were coasting down Virginia, a nice straight road with a slight declining slope and intermittent stop signs. It was fully dark with the occasional street light. There was a cyclist in the biking lane right next to us and we noticed he was going at a good clip, about 30 mph. We know his mph because we paralleled him most of the way.

Aee read the speedometer and piped up. "Mom! Speed limit 25!"

I hear this from little Aee often, usually when I'm going >25.

Me to no one in particular, "Hey, biker, you're speeding."

Kee from the very back seat, "So are you."

Snickers of laughter.

So (remember, windows open) when we were fully parallel to said cyclist I said in a regular voice, "Hey, you're speeding."

With the cadence of a stand-up comedian, he said without turning his head, "So are you."


We followed at a respectful distance for the rest of the way down Virginia. Go bikers!