Friday, March 14, 2008

Locked in

At the end of the school day today, I peeked in Jee's classroom and saw him sitting in the story circle with his jacket on. This particular jacket is a stunningly cool yellow windbreaker that looks just like sunshine and Pikachu wrapped up together. We got it for Vee when he was in The Pokemon Phase. It is a thin jacket, but it great for cold weather since it heats up inside quickly. I wondered why Jee was wearing a jacket -- it is hot out today. When he turned around, red-faced and obviously overheating, his little hand motions explained his peculiar over-dressing.

He grabbed his jacket zipper and did a little Tug-Tug and made a big frustrated smile that showed all his wobbly teeth. He couldn't take his jacket off because he was stuck inside it.