Friday, March 14, 2008

Five deep

I had to apologize to a friend today for missing an appointment that I had promised I would attend. I didn't realize I had missed my 9:30 until several hours after it was over. I looked at my calendar with my jaw dropped in that slightly stupid expression. How could I have missed it?

Maybe, just maybe, because I was scheduled five deep that morning. I had a 8:30 that went late; I had to be home since the house was swarmed with contractors-with-questions; I had to get the morning deliveries; my husband needed me to drive him all over SF and Oakland to get his car back; and, yes, the fateful appt that I missed.

I got three out of five. Not bad. That's my new motto: "Not bad = success". Sometimes all you have to do to solve a problem is lower the bar.