Thursday, February 28, 2008

The end result

What a wildly awesome day. When my eyelids fluttered open this morning, I was very aware that it could be the best of times -or- worst of times type of day. I knew what was on the calendar and knew it could run me over like a squirrel on a six lane freeway.

First choice: I had to choose between doing a Mega Large task on my own or hiring help. I couldn't decide. With my superwoman cap on a bit too tight, I wanted to do it by myself. I also wanted to hire it out so I could have the much-needed practice managing helpers. Here was the pivotal factor:

If I do it myself, by the end of the day, I will be drained and the house will still be a disaster. I might get 1/2 of the work done.

If I hire a few girlfriends to help, I'll spend my morning cleaning the house (because heaven forbid someone should see it a wreck) but at the end of the day, I'll have: 1. a clean house! 2. most of the work done, and 3. some more experience under my belt in hiring help.

I chose to seek help and I'm so glad I did. The benefits were immense. Yes, I was nervous; yes, I didn't explain things as good as I could have; and yes, I wish I didn't babble on, but I got by. With the safety of working with girls I know & love, I was able to practice being a not-too-terribly-bad director. They were *awesome* and it helped me built to the next step.

This evening was another case-in-point. Hubby had surgery today and since his car had been stolen earlier this week, he had to bike to the hospital and bike most of the way home. (I was able to drive him part way before I had to go get the kids for karate.) Poor guy x10. He didn't have time to pick up his prescription pain killer which he most definitely needs to make it through the night.

In hindsight it's funny -- first pharmacy has a computer glitch and can't fill any RXs, second pharmacy is so packed, there isn't a parking spot for miles, third pharmacy is great! Only, I don't have the right card to prove medical coverage. I spend the next hour in the car (traffic) wishing I was home cooking dinner and caring for my children (I get to hear all the good stories of the day during dinner, argh!) I zoom home at a breakneck 5 mph, get the blasted insurance card, go back to the right pharmacy, submit the card only to find out that the meds were only a couple bucks more than the co-pay. I wanted to drop my head on the counter and wail, "Why? Why? Why didn't you tell me? I would have just bought it and gone home!" but instead I smiled politely and said thank you. It was going to be a best of days no matter what.

Now my kids are asleep, husband is wiped out, and I'm going to go revel in the beauty of a clean house. Or at least I'm going to pretend it's clean because we all know that a house doesn't stay clean when you leave four kids in it unattended for the entire evening.