Monday, June 16, 2008

The Beach

We are just now finishing up an amazing long weekend at the beach with my mom and dad. They rented a house that is right on the water and tonight we moved all the bed mattresses into the sun room so we got to watch the sun set as we snuggled into our various bedding spots. We have a bazillion pillows (the minivan was full of them as we drove down plus the house had plenty).

The sun room is a 20' long room with two beds in it already (and now three mattresses on the floor). None of us snore, so we can hear the ocean tide.

We spent our days flying kites, playing in the sand, and running along the beach. We ate many delightfully healthy meals cooked by my mother. We played games, told stories, and built a few electronics kits (a flashing heart and a voice changer). The kids really enjoyed seeing their Grandma & Grandpa.

What could possibly be better?