Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My favorite birthday

I love birthdays... Here's how I ended up celebrating mine.

Starting on Friday, I took off for a writing weekend, going to a gorgeous hotel (Marriott) in a random location in No Cal. It was so deeply satisfying to hammer out the bulk of the book. My Mom & Dad sent birthday get-whatever-you-like money & it covered the entire weekend. Woot! Thanks Mom & Dad!

Eee, Aee, and Jee came to visit me at the hotel for a great swim session. I worked out every morning & evening in the hotel's gym. The hot tub relaxed sore muscles from sitting at the keyboard too long.

On the way home from the hotel, I got a bit more writing time at our downtown public library, something I rarely enjoy alone.

Thanks to Audible, I got a fantastic book: "Look Me in the Eye" which I enjoyed on my iPod all weekend while walking around town, working out, and every non-typing moment.

The day of my B-day, I woke up early (see previous post) so that I could get my teens to school on time for their finals which they were very well prepared for (a present in & of itself).

Eee took the day off work -- HUGE present, by far the best one.

We looked for storefronts most of the day, found three we liked, eliminated one.

I got footrubs, backrubs, neckrubs, all sorts of luxurious pampering throughout the weekend.

I had my favorite type of sushi for lunch -- California roll, along with fresh peaches, oranges, and raspberries (raspberries!) from my favorite Farmer's Market.

I got to take my kids & their friends to their karate class. I love karate time.

Eee baked cupcakes himself last night. How sweet! He was up until two or three I think. What dedication.

I got calls from friends & family. My favorite was Eee's parents in St. Maarten (is that the island they're on?) singing "Happy Birthday" in English & French "Bonne Anniversaire".

Eee made a scrumptious dinner, Tuna Patty Melts, and I got to open my b-day presents: a bunch of books, some kitchen stuff, an air diffuser, and a hat that Kee knit for me himself (so cool!!). I'm the luckiest mom alive.

After present opening, I zoomed off to the YMCA and got in a ridiculously tough workout, a 60 min class with a masochistic teacher. It's gonna hurt tomorrow.

The minute the class was over, I ran back to the car for a night out with girlfriends (but showered first so I wouldn't stink!)

Next, I ran home to make sure the wee ones were asleep. They weren't, so I snuggled with one until the deep sleepy breath started, then snuggled with the other.

THEN, I zoomed over to a friend's house and borrowed what she had just said was her favorite movie. I saw the first 15 min of it then it got too scary.

Little Miss Woosey is now blogging about her wonderful birthday! I have never been so psyched about the upcoming year. This is guaranteed to be the best year yet.