Thursday, February 28, 2008

Decision Overload

A dear friend asked me why I slowed down on blogging.

Easy answer: "There's simply Too Much to blog about."

It's funny how we can easily and quickly pick a choice when there are limited options, but when given a wide range, we can't make a choice at all. (See "The E-myth Revisted" or "Made to Stick" for back-up on that point.)

So, with one eye closed, I tell you that I'm not blogging today since it is by-the-numbers the most busy day I have ever had and/or will ever have on the job, my husband is having surgery and has no car to get to and from the hospital, but my body can't be driving him and doing what it needs to do to keep work and children going, also, he can't have the car. I need the car. I got someone else to cover my carpool and half a dozen other obligations, but...

So, no blogging, just a recognition of the decision overload.