Sunday, February 17, 2008


This has been an exceptionally busy week, thus no blogging, resting, or playing. Now it's Sunday so I'm re-evaluating it all. I am looking at the big picture as well as the details, trying to determine if I am on the right path.

When my oldest was only two, I wrote a very specific list of New Year's Resolutions. It listed big, life-changing goals alongside the minutiae: "Own a house with four sky-lights, one garden window, and a three car garage." The list was tucked away in a box for three years (that's only 36 months folks) and when I pulled it back out, I read it over seeing that nearly every item on the list had been fulfilled. Wild.

Somehow those specifics were tucked away in my memory and all little decisions I made over those three years led to the big picture I had envisioned. I had forgotten about the list, yet...

I haven't written New Year's Resolutions yet this year and I have been feeling floaty, like no one is in the driver's seat (a fairly scary proposition when you think about it). I'm pulling out a pad of paper now. "New Yea...."

Resolutions get a bad wrap, but honest-to-goodness, I seriously want to know where I'll be three years from now, could be a lot of different places and I have to at least try to effect that outcome.