Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Maid

When Vee and Kee were little, I loved maintaining the home and I / we were fairly good at it. We did our daily chores and Saturday chores and generally, the house was consistently clean & comfy.

But for the last few years it has held no interest for me. I maxed out any desire to clean. There is a learning curve to caring for a home and then, after you're done with that curve, it's nothing more than repetition.

A few months ago, I pinged a group of friends & got five recommendations for women who work as maids and love it. I didn't want a disgruntled "this is the best I can do" maid; I wanted someone who did the work because they love the look of a clean floor, clean windows, and a tidy environment. It is a beautiful thing.

I have yet to call any of them. I am having a hard time letting go of... ?

Over the last few years I have been paying attention to what happens when you have someone else clean your house for you. The piles in the corners disappear; the furniture and various objects are better designed for easier vacuuming, sweeping, polishing; everything shifts towards that goal of being "cleanable". I have tried to make that shift slowly, with every new repositioning of the home, "Is this cleanable?" and "What would I have to do if the maid was coming tomorrow?"

If only the maid was coming tomorrow!