Sunday, February 24, 2008

Tennis. Finally.

Perhaps the most blog-appropriate note for me this last week was that I can now play tennis. Well.

See, when I was a kid / teen my brother tried to teach me how to play tennis. It was an exercise in futility. Every concept he taught me didn't stick. I made the same mistakes again and again. He never gave up on me, but he never made progress either.

As an adult, I can look back and see with crystal clarity that at that point in my life I had not a clue how to learn certain tasks. My mind was shut to skills that might indicate ability outside a certain scope.

Now as an adult I am on hyperdrive trying to learn from my mistakes. All my mistakes. Since I am making a heap o' mistakes, the learning is occurring at a breakneck pace. Ha.

I didn't put this all into perspective until last week when the kids and I went out to play tennis, the first time in years.

I hit the ball and it went where it was supposed to.

I lobbed it back again and again. I could play! Well!

All the lessons my brother taught flooded back. Apparently they had been catalogued in some dusty corner of my brain and they were there for the asking. It was so liberating to finally be free to play.

Jee and Aee were wondering why their mom was so psyched about it all. I was delighted to see that Jee has natural talent and can hit it hard and fast like his pappa. Aee learned how to serve. It was awesome.