Sunday, February 24, 2008

The first meeting

Jee and Aee are now on their first baseball team. One of Jee's old friends (the one who "lives in the castle on the corner") invited him to join the team as soon as registration first opened.

I had "Sign up for Baseball" on my To Do list for a few months and, of course, never got to it. This afternoon, mere hours before the orientation meeting, I got an email from one of the baseball commissioners, a friend of the family, saying that one kid had a request to have Jee ___ on his team and was it the same Jee ___ that I call my son?

Uh, yes.

I should have signed up by now, huh?

So, I do the online registration for both kiddos, getting them into the same team and several friends. The coach is also a friend of the family. Everything looks great, better than great.

Then why did we leave the orientation meeting with Aee in tears? I haven't seen such a desperately sad little face in a long time. Her cheeks were red and her eyes were puddles. She had on her new team baseball hat and looked like a batter ready to hit a home run. Why the tears?

Because she misunderstood that the orientation meeting was just a meeting where a bunch of old people talk and the kids say "hi" to each other. No ball hitting. No running. Not yet.

She was so sad! All I could think was how wonderful it was that she wanted to play.