Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Aee's breath -- right now, beside me, breathing deep and dreamy. I can hear the patterns of her thoughts as her breath changes, sometimes fast (maybe thinking about puppy dogs or dancing?); sometimes slow (maybe dreaming about hanging upside down from a branch?)

Vee's breath -- when he was little and I would read stories to him & his bro, Vee's breath would always put me to sleep. Fast. Hard. His breath had a magical, trance-like quality to it. Resistance was futile.

Eee's breath -- he breathes in and I am so glad he's there; he breathes out and I'm so glad he's beside me. For whatever reason, his breath has become louder lately, but it doesn't matter -- it's all a verification that he is near me, with me, and alive.

Kee's breath and Jee's breath -- both of them have ultra-quiet, soft, easy, shy breathing patterns. I don't think I have ever heard either of them breath the deep sleepy breaths. Ever. Interesting.

My breath? From what I hear from the inside, it has a million different incarnations, some consciously driven, some not. Sometimes I direct my breath; sometimes I forget to breathe entirely (and even pass out because of it sometimes). Yes, I have problems. I know.

I think my favorite type of breath is the slow Bunny Breath that occurs when sleeping deeply. When all passages are clear and the sleep is deliciously deep, the breath is so little, so soft that is it that of a bunny, just like Kee & Jee, my bunny breathers.