Monday, December 10, 2007

A feast to remember

We had a splendid Christmas feast on Saturday night as a huge ward family. The place was packed and the food was haute cuisine with fine china, the works.

Unfortunately, 24 hrs later nearly everyone we had dined with was sick. It hit us in the night. First Aee, then Jee, then Vee (Kee was oblivious to it all). I guess the shortest intestines had the shortest fuse on their little exploding tummy timebombs.

Eee didn't get sick. "I'm made of tephlon, hon. That's why I eat all those preservatives. Germs can't grow in me. Have you ever seen a Twinkie mold?"

Can't argue with that logic.

I'm not sick either. I didn't have time to eat. I was gathering kids to the table, arranging things, reminding them that green beans are not projectiles and that under-the-table footsies are only funny if you are kicking your brother, not the gentleman sitting near you who is probably at this moment complaining about his bruised shins.

About 10 minutes into the dinner, I had to leave to take Vee to babysit for a family we know and love. After I get back, I had a full 60 seconds in my seat to catch my breath, relax in my chair and contemplate taking a bite when berrinngg, Vee on the phone. He forgot his book in the car and heaven forbid he should spend an evening without a 400+ pg book in-hand. Must read. Now.

I zoom back and forth until whoops, the dinner has been cleared off the table and I am glad because now I won't be tempted to overeat at such a scrumptious dinner.

The grateful heart is often rewarded.

By about 5 am this morning, the puke has covered six blankets, ruined three pillows, trashed one bed cushion, and made four nasty carpet stains that we took turns scrubbing.

In hindsight:

1. I'm glad I didn't complain about not getting to eat.

2. I'm glad we went to the party even though we paid dearly. It was a memory none of us will forget. It was officially our First Family Puke Bug. (We look forward to the First FULL Family Puke Bug someday.) I got to spend the entire day snuggling with Jee and Aee, bliss. I got to have my husband home all day. (He did 99% of the nighttime care from 11 pm to 3 am and was too wiped to go to work, teehee.)

3. I got to get up early in the morning hours to care for the pukers and I *love* the morning hours. I just have a hard time getting up that early because it's so tempting to sleep and call it "meditation" or "prayer" or justify why I need to rest for one more minute. I got a lot done between 3 am and 4 am and even got some work done inbetween incidents in the 4 to 7 am time slots.

So, I'm thankful. It's beyond pathetic, I know, but I'm thankful.