Sunday, December 30, 2007

What I love about today's people

I gave a presentation / talk today at my church and had a blast doing it. For about 20 minutes I got to talk on a subject of my choosing (Gratitude) and got to see people listening or laughing. It was a delight.

But the best part came after the talk. A thin elderly woman, absolutely vibrant with a big, well-exercised smile, approached me and gently grabbed my arm (probably to keep her balance). She told me is trying to increase her technical literacy: "I really want to learn how to blog... my little sister is 83 years old and she showed me how to do my banking online... I sit with my cell phone on one ear while trying to type... I really want to learn how to blog..."

What an awesome image. I love people who don't give up. I love seeing people whose minds and hearts are open to change, even when it's breakneck change. And to make it all work, I love-a-love-a-love people, such as my beloved, who are already ahead of the curve and are patient and compassionate with those (such as myself) who are trying to keep up.

You know, my husband has not once, not even once, said that the house was messy. It drives me nuts when it is and I'm sure the thought is going through his mind, but he has never actually complained about it. I think I may have lucked out in the husband department. I love that he always helps clean up and I love that he never says we need to.

I also love that my kids, when left alone to their own devices, play and laugh (for today at least). There are so many things that can go wrong with sibling interactions. I'm so glad that enough is going right that their default interactions are happy ones.