Monday, December 10, 2007

Self-driven action

Those of you who know me understand I am a nut about self-driven action.

I thrive when I am surrounded by people who know what they want and then work towards it.

I am sad when I am around people who don't know what they want and work towards... whatever.

So, this morning, we were (per the last post) all semi-asleep and highly incoherent at 6 am this morning when Kee got up for school. He was like the last man to the battle field, looking around at the wounded stretched across couches, chairs, even the floor. He walked around, saw we were all fairly useless then went and:
1. made his own lunch -- bravo!
2. did his morning chores -- what? and
3. got out the door in time -- three cheers for punctuality-driven behaviors! Kee biked to school fully prepared and thoroughly under-supported. I was so proud.

I think I mumbled something at him when he walked near me this morning. I had one eye open at half-mast with Aee sleeping on my chest, Jee in the crook of one arm and two bowls at the ready for any incoming liquid missiles.

I have a vague recollection of Kee asking if we had any bread so he could make his own sandwich for school lunch. No, we didn't have any bread. Normally, this would have registered as an Action Item in my mind that would have shot enough adrenaline through my body to make me stand up and get to work. But with two kids in arms, I didn't budge and my adrenal gland didn't budge either (thankfully).

The end result (again, gratitude rocks!) was that Kee had a great experience in self-driven action. He could have feigned sickness and none of us would have been the wiser. He could have been "too tired" (biking to school is actually a bit of a feat, all uphill, have to leave early), but no, he took his day into his own hands and molded it.

Lab in the morning, school all day, debate team in the afternoon, work a bit at his job after that. What a cool young man.

There is something so comforting, affirming, and rewarding about being near someone who is able to make good choices.