Tuesday, July 22, 2008


My sister-in-law told me once, while cleaning up her house after her girls were asleep for the night, "It's far easier to keep up than to catch up." I loved that image -- just a bit of work (who are we kidding, just a lot of work) each night will stave off a really messy disaster that will take a whole weekend to clean up.

So, tonight I'm cleaning up after the day and listening to a meditation audiobook titled, "Giving Thanks". At one point in the exercise, the audiobook says,

"Know that in this moment, you have nothing else that needs to be done, nothing that needs your attention..."

I burst out laughing.

Highly unmeditative.

I had eight different things in my hands, going to five different rooms. I had my route planned out and was planning the task I would do the second my hands were free. Yes, I was in a mentally meditative state, but my body had a lot more to do, so...

"... nothing else that needs to be done..."