Thursday, July 24, 2008

Letting Go Experiment, Day 3, LAST DAY

This is our last day just the three of us.

The big, stinky, hairy men will return home sometime in the night / morning.

Today's list of fun stuff included:

* Use gift card from grandma to get A's b-day present (finally)
* Get a new pair of Sunday pants for tall & lanky J
* Research hamster homes (the type that you can put together like Legos)
* Omega
* VT / Coquelet Cafe
* Play at Cedar Rose park
* Scan scrapbook pages
* Play downstairs
* Go to beach
* Barnes & Noble bookstore

We started out fast and furious then got sidetracked on those boxes and boxes of delightful acrylic paints.

Soon, J & A are going to discover how much time they have spent painting and playing. Ha -- sounds like a Pop Quiz for what I wanted them to experience. Letting go. What do you do when you don't get everything you want?

Coming soon... the Aftershock.