Monday, July 21, 2008

Switching Gears / An Experiment

Eee is taking Vee and Kee to a conference for most of this week. It will be a great guy's night, er, week out. They'll be working, but they *love* what they do, so it might as well be a vacation.

So, I have Jee and Aee and no schedule. Yet.

I am planning on doing an experiment with them. They are right at the cusp of learning how to deal with the Good, Better, Best concept and this would be a prime time to exercise it a bit. For example, when we make a list of "10 things I want to do today" they can rank the items by importance, but they are still sad when they don't do all 10. I think we'll practice the art of not doing it all.

Key concepts: Letting go / focusing on the joyful parts.

Exercise: Every morning write the top 10 things we want to do that day. Make sure we do three (or more if there's time). At the end of the day, during yoga (or maybe while making dinner) talk about how great those Top Three were and how it's OK to not do everything. Make a Memory Sheet at the end of each day showing the three things they did that were so awesome. Hum. That might work.

I don't fully understand why, but I feel like it might be an important skill for Aee and Jee to learn that it's ok to not have it all. From what I can see of my future plans, we are hoping to live lighter and lighter as the years go, so... they had better get used it while their brains are still mushy.

I want to share with them how wonderful it is to -- let go --.