Monday, July 21, 2008

Sneaky little boy

You know those sweet little moments that stick in your memory as if you had a video camera somewhere in your cranial mass? The memory is so sweet and precious that you hold on to it as long as you can.

One scene I really want to remember: At Vee and Kee's birthday party, they did a Capture the Flag game at a park by our home. Imagine a crowd of tall, gangly teenagers, several over six feet, all of them extremely powerful, smart young men. It was awesome seeing them play. Anyone who happened to walk by on the sidewalk stopped to watch for a few minutes. Even one friend who saw them out there emailed me about it, "You should have seen it!"

I showed up with Aee in tow about an hour after they started. Little 7 yo Jee had been with them the whole time. They were such great teenagers that they let Jee be a legitimate member of one of the teams and treated him pretty much like one of the guys. Jee ate it up.

But near the end, he apparently noticed he had an advantage. He was so much smaller than any of them that he was generally below their visual field. While they were shooting each other with Nerf guns, crossbows, and swinging their foam swords, Jee walked boldly over to the opponent's side, grabbed the flag (actually a large yellow broom) and started running back to home base.

Apparently, no one had actually scored yet, but Jee had picked up the jist of the game from hearing the guys talk. Jee had a doubtful look in his eye as he ran across the field and the broom was tremendously bulky compared to his little body, but he kept on running!

One of 6'+ guys with a heavy British accent yelled, "Hey, guys! The little bloke has the flag! Uh, guys... help! Guys... HELP!"

And Jee just kept on running except by the time he reached his home base, everyone was laughing so hard they couldn't shoot him.

Chalk one more point for the little guy.