Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Letting Go Experiment, Day 2, Aftershock

It worked! The kids were able to focus on their Most Important Tasks without whining about what else they could be doing. We got a lot done and had a blast doing it. There was only one situation where they had a tiff. We took the BART to the YMCA and while J & A were in Kindergym, one kid was a bit of a bully to A. J didn't do anything about it, so we worked on it tonight, role-playing and helping him get 100% on his sister's side. I have really wanted to work on that particular skill & this afternoon provided a great learning situation.

My favorite question of the day: "What does 'artistic' mean?" (That's harder to answer than it sounds!)

Aftershock = When you have a solid schedule it is far easier to be flexible, a bit of a paradox, but a beautiful one.