Tuesday, July 1, 2008


My younger two are attending a camp at a Jewish temple this week.

We are not Jewish, but the camps offered there are *amazing*! High quality projects, delightful instructors, and a beautiful, cheerful environment. Divine.

One of the projects was to make a kite on special, ultra-light, non-rippable kite fabric. They got to use special light-weight paint to do the design.

Aee's design looked... interesting. The drawing looked like a mix between people and flowers -- people with stems.

I asked her what it was.

Aee: "It's people on crosses. See, there are three people on crosses."

All I could think was, "Why would she be drawing crosses in a Jewish school? They surely didn't discuss the crucifixion..." Outloud, I asked, "Honey, what's this one guy here? He's not on a cross."

Aee: "Yeah, he's waiting his turn. As soon as one of these guys dies, he can get up there."

I think we might need to review a few lessons... But first I'm going to call her Primary teacher...

There is surely a GREAT story behind this one.