Thursday, July 24, 2008

Planets aligning

Sometimes the kids play in this certain way that makes the whole house / my whole world feel like the planets have aligned, sweet harmony, absolute beauty surrounds us.

Sounds a bit over the top? Well, dear friends, when the bar is set really, really low, it doesn't take much to get to bliss.

Today, we had our plans laid out (see next post) and there was a brief intermediate period between two tasks where I told A that should could paint her clay creations that she made yesterday. She made a little castle for the hamster and J made a low & large igloo for the hamster. I got out my four boxes of acrylic paints, slipped painting shirts over their heads and told them to go for it.

Since the sight of flying paint is hard for me to handle, I figured it would be a good time to catch up on emails and get 15, 20, maybe 30 minutes of work done. I was literally 12 feet from them, through a semi-open wall / doorway / hand-through thingy so I could hear them, but not freak out at the paint mess. Bliss. (See how low that bar is set? That's *bliss* for me.)

After 25 min, with one castle and one igloo painted lavishly, the painty, messy duo moved into the bathroom to supposedly wash their hands and their brushes. They are coming out every few minutes to ask questions like, "Can I have another bag?" and "Don't come in here quite yet, promise?"

They must have something wonderful brewing.

Since the bar is set relatively low, if I finally go into the bathroom an hour later and see the walls are painted, graffitied, or somehow they have "updated" the faucets, mirrors, or shower doors with acrylics... sigh... we'll work through it.

For now, I am content with hearing their happy voices working collaboratively on ... something.