Monday, July 21, 2008

This doesn't sound familiar

Growing up, I remember my friends (and me) always wishing for sweets. Candy was a treat, something good, wonderful, and desired.

So, at Vee and Kee's birthday party, I had a big spread of goodies, something that we usually only buy on Christmas and Halloween.

It was so funny -- the guys went for the pizza and some even dissed the treats.

At one point, the guys had just finished playing a high activity game and they came back into their house, looking for drinks. Most of them had water even though we had a good stock of pop (again, something we don't buy except on occasions like this). The teenagers were saying things like:

"Oh man, you're drinking pop after exercising. That's wicked. Your stomach's gonna cramp."


"At least have some water first. At least it isn't as bad as having the sugar hit your stomach straight."


"Hey, chill on the pop. You won't have enough energy to game all day if you get a sugar crash. Check it out, how many grams is in this can?"

And I'm standing off to the sidelines thinking I never heard teenagers in my generation aware of such things, let alone exerting peer pressure to monitor what they take into their bodies. The whole time I'm wondering whether or not kids like this take drugs (when parents aren't looking). They weren't completely aware that I was still standing there. Do kids take drugs who are also concerned about the number of sugar grams in a can of pop?

I could be wrong, but I doubt it.