Saturday, August 25, 2007

Aligning Desire and Direction

Scenario 2:

Why do we crave quiet?

K, I have a really good one for this and I wrote it all out, but it had the wrong tone so I deleted it all. It really is a great concept, but I just can't publish bad tone.

The bottomline logic is:

--> there is a general cultural message in most nations (Asia and a few other spots excluded) that says that we need to slow down, relax, have a calm day

--> does this message gel with what I want out of life? Not really. A while back I wrote out what I wanted out of life and part of it was a list of minutiae that I knew would make each day satisfying. After I had this list it was infinitely easier to do what I needed to do each day. What I, myself, personally wanted and what I actually did each day were in line. I got what I wanted and I recognized it. Huge ah-ha all things considered. Anyway, here is an updated version of that list:

* I want each day to contain one fire, one particularly scary emergency, because I know that when I don't deal with scary things on a regular basis, my ability to handle them becomes weak. I actually become scared of the scary things. But, if I deal with it daily, it's like a muscle. Something awful happens? No problem. I can do this because I did it yesterday and the day before and the day before. The fear is gone.

* I want each day to contain at least five moments of bliss, you know those moments when you look in your child's eyes and you see a really brilliant person blossoming inside. At least five moments, whether it is an exceptionally good breath of fresh air, a runner's high after a good run, an ah-ha moment with a good friend, whatever. Moments of bliss.

* I want music, but not too much music. I want running around, but not too much. I want storytimes, table times, floor times, and dinner times. But it is excessive, so when it gets overwhelming I focus on the fact that one of these days I am going to blink and my kids will be grown and gone. Blink. One blasted blink and they'll be gone.

* I want (oooo, this one is my favorite!).... It requires a little background. One of my college professors once said, "If you do not go to sleep every night completely exhausted, if you don't walk in your door and collapse on your bed from sheer exhaustion, then you haven't tried hard enough. God gave you that body and that mind. Use it! When you do give it your all, you will be blessed beyond measure and you will find time and time again that you had more strength than you ever thought possible. You may not finish each day's work, but when your head hits the pillow, you will have that utter sense of calm that you gave it every last ounce of energy you had. Fulfill the measure of your creation, whatever that may be."

Fulfill the measure of your creation. Sounds delicious. I think I shall go do a few more things before letting my head hit that pillow. ;-)