Sunday, August 5, 2007


Best moment of the day today: Reaching Grizzley Peak after having climbed (not walked, climbed) straight up Marin.

Even better moment: Having made the walk with a friend at my side. I walk so much faster with a friend. It doesn't hurt as much either.

Best lesson of the day: Our home teacher's co-lessons that Harry Potter showed 1. acceptance of all and 2. love.

Sweetest hug: From my daughter at night after I read her a good story.

Nicest words of the day: From my husband, "Nah, this is easy," when he took over pulling the trailer (about 100 lbs extra weight) as we biked to a friend's house for a farewell party.

Prettiest moment: Seeing a lady in church who I had helped invite there. She actually came!! I had a part in that! So cool.

Biggest hurdle: Staying focused. Knowing what to give attention to and what to ignore. Having so many tasks that are all so, so good.

Best sight: Sitting in church and seeing so many delightfully interesting people, ie people with personalities. Relishing the feeling of lack-of-mold (referring to a mold that makes identical objects, not mold as in gee-it-has-been-damp-in-here-for-25-years).

Saddest moment: Looking at my eldest thinking that I have only 36 more months left with him.

Scariest moment: Biking up a steep hill today realizing that I have not given enough to life lately, recommitting to bike harder, faster, stronger.

Best laugh of the day: The combined laughter of my sons & their friends, heard when I got home from an afternoon party, friends sitting at the big kitchen dining table playing Settlers of Catan.

Best words out of J-boy's mouth: "Mom, can I read you a story?"

Now, that's what I'm talking about -- read *me* a story. In every parent's life there comes a time for payback.