Friday, August 24, 2007


I underestimated Jee's ability to handle trauma. He acted like it was an everyday affair.

Needles? No problem!

It was a great day. I should wipe the calendar like that more often.

Just kidding. To be honest, I saw the bottom of the barrel today. It was so quiet, so uneventful that it made me realize again and again and again that

that I actually built the life I wanted.

I like my everyday life.

Yes, I want to have lots of exciting things happening around me all day. Wishing for quiet is only a common cultural knee-jerk reaction. Sure, it's nice to relax, but it only feels good if it is not a constant. Plus, there is exactly 62 seconds of relaxation built into my every morning. It's called brushing my teeth and it is perfectly calm, meditative time and it is more than enough thank you.

By the end of the day, both Jee and I were cured of any desire to take it easy. Life is too short. Death will probably be too long. But I really should ask Th about that. He would know.

BTW Th, if you are reading this, my kids "wrote" a funny book yesterday after we found out about the impending surgery. TMBG's ABC album spiked it and before we knew it we were writing (verbally):

D is for Death and Disease (how fun!)

Back up, A is for Appendicitis like E had! And AIDs! And Apples! (that last one from a kid who didn't quite get what we were doing)

B is for (you don't want to know)

C is for cataracts and cancer. Yes, CANCER

D, we covered D

skip a few

G is for Grave's disease and goiters

H is for Hypothyroid and Hyperthyroid at the same time! And hernias! Hernias that are bursting!

It went on and on and on until we had covered every sad and disgusting medical term they could think of. It might have been a cathartic way for them to relieve fear & tension. I'm not sure. I just know that we had a heap o' fun.