Saturday, August 25, 2007

OK Mister, you asked for it

You really want to know what I think about the "common cultural knee jerk wish for quiet"?

Scenario 1:

For one minute, follow along with me. Use your imagination to see if this scenario sounds good to you.

What is....

* quiet, utter quiet, so quiet you can hear your own heart beat

* consistent, day in, day out, no surprises, always calm

* no one can bother you. no one can yell. no sounds interrupt your thoughts

* there are no obnoxious smells. the only smell that you can remember is a bland whiff of regular air

* no one can spill juice on your pants

* you have no financial responsiblities. none. not even for yourself. no taxes, no paychecks, no doctor's bills, no rent or mortgage, no surprises

* no one depends on you for anything. you don't fix breakfast, do bedtime, clean up, nothing. not a single responsibility is on your plate, not even for yourself

* the roof over your head and food on your plate are simply taken care of

* your living space is never messy because there is nothing to mess it up, no one to mess it up

* life is utterly free of responsibility

What is it? Can you name it?

Yeah, you got it. Solitary confinement.