Sunday, August 12, 2007

Worshipping Intelligence

I love our family tradition of going to the library on Sunday afternoons. There is something so blissful about being inside those walls where all different shades of truth reside.

So, today, with the Top Tier of the family gone camping, I got to take the little ones to the downtown library all by myself, strolling down the sidewalk slowly, entering the library with that brisk little rush of much-appreciated cold air. Man, it feels good to walk into a library.

The best part -- I saw my littlest get that little glimmer in her eye for the first time. You know that glimmer. If you are a library lover too, then you know that glimmer. She didn't say anything about her love-of-the-library other than the typical, "Let's get this!" but it was there, growing just like it did with me.

I spent a good chunk of my teenage years on a bicycle, pumping about 40-50 miles one-way to the University of Washington just so I could slip into their main library and disappear for the weekend. I would eat a sandwich at about 5 am, whole wheat, peanut butter, banana slices, sunflower seeds and raisins. I wouldn't eat anything while I was at the library, but I would head home in the early evening, stopping by a market and get a head of lettuce and an individual serving bag of Doritos. I would put one Dorito inside of each lettuce leaf then eat it. Crunch. Sitting on the sidewalk, letting all the day's books sink in.

I couldn't check anything out from the UW library, but just being there... Why are libraries so thrilling?