Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tricked Ya!

Imagine this: I spent last night packing lunches, setting out supplies, working out every last little detail. We have the morning departure schedule down to the *minute*, not the five minute segments, but the actual minute.

The kids are dressed; Aee's hair is combed to perfection with a cute little clip; Vee & Kee have their cell phones, house keys, bart cards, bike locks, lunches, money for pizza after school, etc, and so goes the checklist. Jee is in the mix, being so responsible and remembering the routine so well. Shoes on, even with socks.

And get this... everyone is actually fed. gasp.

And fed well. double gasp.

Oatmeal bowls, toast, bananas, bagels, ramen, meatballs, hashbrowns, eggs, blueberry juice, carrot juice, vitamin supplments, wowza. We did it! Good food has been consumed and everyone begins their physical move out the door.

Vee and Kee are biking away exactly 2 minutes before their scheduled time which gives us an extra 120 seconds of breathing room to get Jee and Aee in the car (will be ramped up to biking / scootering by mid-next-week). Eee is standing on the porch steps, saying bye to his sons when he hesitates...

"Where's the minivan?"

Yes, I am so not kidding. The first day of school, when I really, really need to set the tone of peace and prepared calm for the kids and... my parking spot is empty.

I spend 10 seconds looking for the elephant in spots where the elephant really couldn't be hiding. Alongside the house, along the other side of the house, um... Nope. It's not where I put it.

Thankfully, Eee has a great ability to maintain calm (I was in poorly veiled panic) and backtracked to last night when I took the BART downtown then got a ride back, leaving my car, you guessed it, at the BART station.

As we're figuring this out on the way to Jee's school, little Jee pipes up, "But someone could have stolen it from the BART parking lot too you know."

Gee, thanks a lot little guy.

The minivan was at the station. Just a funny little hiccup in our morning.

To be honest, I would like to have my adrenaline back. "Where's the minivan?" was so not worth it.