Friday, August 17, 2007

Ouch! Ouch? Cranial Elasticity

What I would give for more elastic cognitive processing.

One minute -- "Mommy, where's my snuggly?"

Next minute -- "'re gonna need to have an injection mold tooled, about $5 to 10,000, cost depends on the number of cavities, so if you do four cavities per mold, you get a lower unit cost, but it increases the cost of the tool... you probably want ____ (term I have never heard of, I doubt it's even English) plastic and ___ (again, not English) coating or maybe you want to do pad printing..."

Next minute -- "Mommy! I need to pee! Girls pee together!"

Next minute -- "Can you do 10,000 keys for me? A key compatibility chart? Sure, let's send free keys out to everyone who helps us test."

Next minute -- "Mom, look at me!" (he's touching the ceiling with both hands, using his legs in the doorway to hold himself up)

On a good day, when I get a good run in, then I can flip back and forth and it feels oh, so good. On a day when I don't get that exercise, then the flipping just feels like whiplash.