Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Free as in FREEDOM

Tomorrow morning at 9:01 I enter that bizarre neverland of a recently released-from-duty parent. I will have a full day to work and I am unapologetically excited for the transition.

Technically, I never stopped working, but whatever.

So, for the last 16 years, one month, 11 days, and two hours, I have been in the 24/7 mom mode. I have been "On" full-time. When the kids walk through those beautiful school doors tomorrow morning, one at 8:12, another at 8:20, another at 8:29, and the last one at 9:00 sharp, I will be completely and utterly...



switched to the next task?

I have been dreaming about what I would do at that pivotal moment that marks the rest of my life. One parent I know went home and slept until time to pick her kids up from school. Another went out shopping on that first day of freedom and spent an obscene amount. I can't imagine either of those working for me. Go running? Go for a detoxification hike in Tilden? Go to Half-Moon Bay and chill my feet? What does one do when presented with such an abrupt life transition?

Wait, it's actually not that abrupt. There's a good chance that someone will forget a lunch and at 11:30, I'll get a call. There's also a chance that the house will need cleaning (ack! vortex incoming!)

Hum... pivotal moment. What to do....