Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Geeking Out

In the car, eldest son is driving me looney with his weird remarks. I put up my hand up in a "talk to the hand" gesture and he thinks I am high fiving him.

He high fives my reluctant hand and says, "Interdigitate!"

Of course, in my feeble, fumbly brain, I slowly split out the word: prefix = inter, root word = digit. Interlocking fingers?

I should have said an energetic "Cool new vocab word V-man!" but instead I mutter, "Stop geeking out on me. Interdigitate yourself."

Which of course he does and all his siblings follow suit with a round of "Look I can interdigitate!" "I'm interdigitating, whoo, whoo, look at meeee."

And I'm slowly driving down Cedar thinking:

I have the geekiest car on the road right now.

If I open the window so people can hear what is being said, will they stare? (I opened the window. People stared.)

What if I just cave into this, gave up my lazy, hazy approach and try it? Sure enough, it's way more fun to join a hand to another hand (whether it is yours or someone else's) when you call it "interdigitating".

And yes, I guarantee on the first day of school this year, each and every one of the kids will use the word "interdigitate" along with other equally geeky words and their teachers will have a moment of "Wha...?"

I can see it now.